To prevent more people from trying to stereotype me, let me do that for myself: I’m an atheistic, college-educated, white, middle-class, male, cis-gendered heterosexual person between 30 and 40 living in the western world – and yes, I know that means I’m quite lucky. I enjoy many things, from writing to riding my chopper, from visiting the theater to visiting the gym, from whipping my submissive to cuddling with her.

I consider myself a humanist, not really a feminist (somehow just accepting the fact that the world isn’t really “there” yet concerning equality seems to make you a feminist in some eyes, but personally, I think I’m not active enough for that). While I prefer being the dominant person in my relationship, that requires consent from both parties and I don’t assume that this is somehow “natural” because I’m male: I have enough kinky friends where the female partner is the dominant one and that’s totally fine, too – not to talk about all the partnerships outside “traditional” gender boundaries and of course all those where none of both (or more) partners is dominant.

While I try to be reasonably polite and offer some basic respect to everyone, of course, I’m not perfect, so bear with me (of course, you don’t have to, it just would be nice).


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